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Rageluf will be released in 0.4 Alpha.

Quick infoEdit

Rageluf will be a level 72 mini-boss. He has 16,337,804 health. He lives in a very dark place with a lot of undead (zombies,skeletons) to do his bidding. The zombies will be level 69 to 71 and the skeletons level 71-72.


Rageluf was once a normal boy. In his normal life, he used to be bullied, and he felt like nobody cared. He became so angry that his blood boiled. The only thing left was only a bit of flesh, but mostly just bones. Nine years later, he was working for Falyar, the master of the undead. But that fateful day. Rageluf betrayed him. He felt extremely angry when the rest of the undead were against him. But Falyar's greatsword wasn't just a normal sword. It had the potential to control all undead, because they feared it. It was once rumored to exterminate one full race. Rageluf, knowing he was both a zombie and a skeleton, didn't want to try the sword. But the rest of the undead didn't know, so they still were under his command. Rageluf is now the master of the undead.

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