All versions are listed here.

Current versionEdit (build 10)

Type/Size of patch: Base/Small

Added enemies.

Added quests. (2)

Added inventory.

Raised level cap to 50.

Added 4 spells.

Added help. (F1)

Added stats.

Added tiles & graphics.

Added attack range (disable with CTRL)

Made open alpha. (play at

Added zombie frenzy mode & zombie health display

Actually raised level cap to 70. However, base MANA hasn't been added yet.

Next versionsEdit


Type/Size of patch: Base/Small-medium

Added zones.

Added saving. (F5)

Added loading. (F6)

Added logo.

Added lots.



of enemies and quests.

Added 60 spells.

Added mini-boss: Rageluf

Raised level cap to 70.

Added gear and items.

Added more trainers.

Added money. Cap is 150 million. Added buffs.

Added cheats.

Added trainers. Done (sprites)

Added 12 spells/abilities.


Type/size of patch: Bugfix & expansion/Big

Added 375 spells.

Significantly easier to get money in higher level zones. 2,147,483,647 is the new cap (because the money will glitch out if you get higher)

Added keybinding.

Added much more lore.

Finally - Added Azukyri.


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